Условие задания:

4 Б.
Put the verbs in the brackets into the past perfect or past simple. Choose the correct answer.
1)   I was watching the news when I (start) ____ feeling ill.
2)   I went to the car park to get my car and I found that somebody (steal) ____ it.
3)  Everybody (leave) ____ the house by the time I came home.
4)  It wasn't his first trip to the mountains, he (be) ____ there many times before.
5)  He started to read the newspaper he (buy) ____ an hour earlier.
6)  She left the house after she (finish) ____ breakfast.
7)  When I saw her I knew we (never meet) ____ before.
8)  When she (hear) ____ the noise she turned to see what it was.