Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the text "Healthcare".

Shiloh and Adria share their views about private and public healthcare.

1. Adria: And another, you know, really big issue is that actually being a woman is considered like a pre-existing condition, which in a pre-existing condition, you can be denied   .
2. Shiloh: Well, it sounds to me like maybe you are talking more about health insurance reform instead of healthcare  , because there's a big difference. I think that what you're talking about is less information or less responsibility put on the government, and more on healthcare being responsible, or the insurance being responsible.
3. Shiloh: But I think that healthcare needs to remain privatized, because private healthcare leads to new technology; it leads to better health care practices. If, all of a sudden, the government is paying for all of our doctors and there's no privatization, there's no capitalism, then how are things going to advance? Because   , when competition between companies increases, so does the technology and the level of healthcare that people receive.