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4,5 Б.
People can travel using different types of transport. There are some unusual ones.
Read the text about Canadian dog sleds.
In the freezing winter months, much of Canada is covered with snow and ice.
The Inuit people, Canada's first inhabitants, have travelled by dog sled for thousands of years. When settlers from Europe arrived, they copied the Inuit means of transport.
Nowadays, snowmobiles have replaced dog sleds as the normal way of getting around, but sleds are still used for fun or sport, especially sled dog racing.
Although there are many types of sled dogs used for racing. Siberian Huskies are probably the most popular. Each dog wears a harness connected to a long rope on the front of the sled. Drivers, who are called 'mushers', don't have any reins. Instead, they control the dogs by shouting commands, such as 'gee' (turn right) and 'haw' (turn left).
There are large numbers of keen sled dog racers in parts of Canada and Alaska. There are short speed races, as well as races that can last several days, and there is big prize money for top events. One such race is the John Beargrease Marathon, named after the man who used a dog sled to deliver the mail over a century ago. Today, competitors in the race carry a letter on their sleds in his memory.
Choose true or false:
1. When settlers from Europe arrived, they decided to live near the mountains.
2. Snowmobiles have replaced dog sleds.
3. In Canada dog races are held every month.
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