Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "I love summer".
Five years ago my grandparents lived in the village of Smalville in Florida. We visited them every summer. Every day we helped with their farm. They didn't have a car, but they had a brown horse and a cart. They also had two cows and a very big bull. I wasn't afraid of him because he was good. He was three years old and was born on the farm. My grandparents had some hens and sheep too and a beautiful dog, Ted, but they didn't have any cats. Near their house there was a river. My grandad swam but I didn't because I was too small. We liked the farm. We were very happy there. Last year my grandparents sold their house and some of their animals and moved to a village near Los Angeles. I am glad they didn't sell their horse or their dog. Last month we visited them. Their new house and village are beautiful. I want to visit them again soon.
Choose the correct word order in sentences: