Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text "New things".
Talking Cone

People just don't notice signs. But don't worry - if you use the Talking Cone, you'll get everyone's attention. This amazing invention looks like an ordinary cone, but it has a flashing light on top and a microchip that records sound.

If someone walks near the cone, it will call out a message. It says things like “please mind the step" or "careful - wet floor" No more accidents, no more injuries. The Talking Cone guarantees safety.
Dog Doorbell

How do you know when your dog wants to come back into the house? It's easy! If you have the new dog doorbell, your dog can let you know! The dog doorbell means no more muddy pawprints on your doors!
When your dog stands on a small platform outside your front door, a small transmitter will send a signal to the doorbell. It's the perfect solution for all dog owners!
Choose the right sentence:
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