Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read these sentences and help the tiger write negative ones using full verbs forms. Don’t use full stops at the end of the sentences, they are given. Study the examples.
(Прочитай предложения и помоги тигрёнку написать отрицательные, используя полные глагольные формы. Не используй точки в конце предложения, они уже даны. Изучи примеры.)

Example \(0\). They went to the shop yesterday.

Answer \(0\). They did not go to the shop yesterday.
Example \(1\). He was in a park.

Answer \(1\). He was not in a park.
1. He drew a picture yesterday. —
2. The weather was really wonderful. —
3. Kate cooked fish last Sunday. —