Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read these dialogues. (Прочитай диалоги)
Dialogue 1.
Ann: Hello! What's your name?

Tom: Hello! My name is Tom. What's your name?

Ann: My name is Ann.

Tom: Glad to meet you, Ann.

Ann: I am glad to meet you, too.
Dialogue 2.

Kate: Good morning, Mike! How are you?

Mike: Good morning, Kate! I am very well, thank you. And how are you?

Kate: I am fine, thank you. How many lessons do you have today?

Mike: I have five lessons today.

Kate: Have a nice day, Mike. Good-bye.

Mike: See you.
Help Tom fill the gaps in the sentences (Помоги Тому заполнить пропуски в предложениях):
1. Ann: Hello! What's   name?
2. Ann: I   glad to meet you, too.
3. Kate: Have a  , Mike.