Условие задания:

2 Б.
Read the text "The 8th of March". (Прочитай текст «8 Марта»).
The eighth of March is a wonderful holiday. I get up early in the morning when my mother is still in bed. I talk with my father and he goes out. I wash myself and clean my room and the living room.
Then father comes and brings beautiful flowers. He puts the flowers on the table and we go to the kitchen to cook breakfast. When mother gets up, the breakfast is already on the table. We give her the flowers and say "Best wishes for the eighth of March". Mother thanks us. She is very happy to see the clean rooms, the ready breakfast and the flowers. Then we have breakfast. We are happy to go for a walk in the park together.
Сhoose the corrrect sentence. (Выбери правильное предложение).