Условие задания:

2,5 Б.
Read the text about Russia. (Прочитай текст о России).
Russia is the largest country in the world and covers over six million square miles.
The Russian flag has three stripes that are white, blue and red russia-2705910_960_720.png. The capital city of Russia is Moscow.
Popular Russian foods are: borshch (beet soup) soup-31301_960_720.png, smetana (sour cream), blini (pankakes)pancakes-575795_960_720.png, pelmeni (dumplings) chopsticks-1295857_960_720.png.
Ballet ballet-814103_960_720.jpg is a very important part of Russian culture.
Russia's most famous animal, the Siberian tiger, tiger-309218_960_720.png is the largest cat in the world.
Russian austronaut Yuri Gagarin astronaut-2026324_960_720.png was the first man in space in 1961.
I'm proud of my country very much!
Choose true or false.
1. The Russian flag has two stripes that are white and red.
2. Ballet is a very important part of British culture.
3. Yuri Gagarin was a very famous actor in 1961.