Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text about Inez Cordez and her family. (Прочитай текст о Инез Кордез и ее семье)
My name is Inez Cordez. I live with my husband, Gustavo, my son Paco and daughter Patty in Veracruz, Mexico. We’ve got a house right by the sea - we’re very lucky! Paco is twelve and loves football. Patty is eight years old and she's very pretty. She loves school and she’s very clever for her age.
We all like swimming very much and everyone in the family loves my home-made tacos!
We’re all very happy with our family life, and we would love to share it with someone!
Choose the right sentence (Выбери правильное предложение):
Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley. Upstream Beginner.- Express Publishing: Newbury, 151c.