Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text «The Smith Family». (Прочитай текст о семье Смит.)
Рис. \(1\). Family photos

I’m Carrie Smith and I am a member of the Smith family. We are from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Here are my grandma and grandad, Ron and Maggie. They live with us and they both love reading. We love talking about good books.

And here is my mum! She’s called Isabella, but most people call her Bella. She’s got long hair and beautiful eyes! She loves roses and cats and, of course, our family!

This is my dad, Liam, with my sister Emma. My dad is very smart. Emma is only \(5\) and she is very cute and funny. She's got dark hair and brown eyes. Her favourite animal is our cat.
We call him Spot because he’s got black spots on his back! Emma and Spot love spending time together.
Write yes or no (Напиши да или нет).
1. Carrie doesn’t have grandparents.
Answer: .
2. Carrie's mother has got short hair.
Answer: .
3. Emma and Spot love spending time together.
Answer: .