Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text «My house». (Прочитай текст «Мой дом».)
I live in a house. Our house is big. There are two floors in it. There are six rooms in our house. There is a living room, two bedrooms and a big hall on the ground floor. There are children’s rooms and my father’s study on the first floor.
My room is on the first floor. I have two big windows in my room. It is big and light. In my room I have a bed, a desk, a chair and two bookshelves.

In the evening our family likes to get together in the living room. We watch TV and speak there.
There is also a big garden and a yard in front of the house. I like our house very much.
Write yes, no, doesn’t say (напиши да, нет, не говорится):
1. There are five rooms in our house —
2. I have many toys in the house —
3. We watch TV and speak there —