Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the dialogues about school. (Прочитай диалоги о школе.)
Dialogue \(1\)

Pupil \(1\): Pam, what’s your favourite subject at school?

Pupil \(2\): My favourite subject is English, but I also like Maths.

Pupil \(1\): What do you usually do during the lessons of Maths?

Pupil \(2\): We usually count.

Pupil \(1\): And what about the lessons of English?

Pupil \(2\): We learn new words, listen to texts, write dictations and sing English songs.

Dialogue \(2\)
Teacher: Good morning, pupils!

Pupil: Good morning, Miss Brown!

Teacher: Today we are going to read the text and write a dictation.

Pupil: May I ask a question, please?

Teacher: You are welcome.

Pupil: What page is the text on?

Teacher: The text is on page \(25\).
Choose the correct sentence