Условие задания:

3,5 Б.
Read the text about days of the week. (Прочитай текст о днях недели.)
Рис. \(1\). Days of the week
This is Kate. She's nine years old. Kate is slim and not very tall. She's got short fair hair and green eyes. She can draw and run fast. She doesn't like singing much. On Mondays Kate brings a new book from the library and reads it. On Tuesdays she takes a bus to school. On Wednesdays she draws pictures. On Thursdays she dances with her sisters. On Fridays she helps her mum bake a cake. On Sundays Kate goes for a walk with her friends.
Write yes, no, doesn't say. (Напиши yes, no, doesn't say.)

1. On Thursdays she cooks eggs at home —
2. On Fridays she helps her mum bake a cake —
3. Every Saturday she goes to the park —