The adjective order in English is:
1. Quantity or number.
2. Quality or opinion.
3. Size.
4. Age.
5. Shape.
6. Colour.
7. Proper adjective (often nationality, other place of origin, or material).
8. Purpose or qualifier.
If there are two or more adjectives, the word 'and' is placed between the two adjectives.
When there are three or more adjectives, place a comma between each of the adjectives.
A comma is not placed between an adjective and the noun.
I hate that really old big green antique car that always parked at the end of the street.  
[quality - age - size - colour - proper adjective].

My brother has a big, beautiful, white bulldog.
[quality- size  - colour]

A wonderful old Italian clock.
[opinion - age - origin]

A big square blue box.
[dimension - shape - colour]

A disgusting pink plastic ornament.
[opinion - colour - material]

Some slim new French jeans.
[dimension - age - origin]

A wonderful old Italian clock.
[opinion - age - origin]

I bought a pair of black leather shoes.
[colour - material]
My sister adopted a beautiful big white cat.
[opinion - size - colour]
It's close to the big blue building.
[size - colour]
The Italian wool sweater is very warm.
[origin - material]
She only wears expensive designer clothes.
[quality or opinion]
The sculpture has an interesting square shape.
[opinion - shape]