Study the information about focus adverbs.

1. We can change the position of adverbs like even, just, simply, only. It depends on where we want to focus our attention.

Even I understand this rule.
I even understood his speech.
2. We often put these adverbs before the verb and other people can understand when we mean from stress and intonation:

He only asked a question about this topic.
Рис. \(1\). Question  
3. The adverb ‘too’ can change its meaning according to position.

The tea is too hot to drink now.
The cake is freshly-made and the tea is hot, too.
Рис. \(2\). Cake
4. We use ‘too’ at the end of an affirmative sentence to mean also.

Bill can already read and he can write, too.
Рис. \(3\). Reading

5. Also and well in the meaning ‘too’ can be used in affirmative sentences. We replace them by either in negative sentences.

She bought this bag and bought this dress, as well.

6. Also is more common in writing than in speech. We can use ‘also’ after have, be, can or before the main verb.

I play golf and I also play tennis.
Рис. \(4\). Tennis

Sarah is a PA. She is also a mother.