Study the information about adverbs. General moments.
Adverbs describe verbs, they explain how, where, how often something happens.

John drives fast. (How does John drive? Fast)
Рис. \(1\). Driving

We can form an adverb by adding the suffix -ly to an adjective:

Slow - slowly

Note that some verbs have the same form as their adjectives. Remember them:

Hard, daily, fast, early, late, monthly.

He works hard. He is a hard worker.
Рис. \(2\). Runner

The adverb “good” is irregular. Good - well.

She works well.
Order of adverbs.

1. Adverbs of frequency go after auxiliary verbs but before main verbs.

He is never late. He never comes late.
 Рис. \(3\). Late

2. When there are more than two adverbs, remember this order.

Subject + predicate + manner + place + time.

3. When there is a verb of movement, then use this order:

4. Subject + predicate + place + manner + time.