Study the information about the adverbs of degree.
1. Quite, rather, fairly are common adverbs of degree. They can make the word weaker or stronger and the effect depends on stress and intonation.

The film was quite good.

2. We can put quite in front of ordinary adjectives, adverbs and a few verbs.

I quite enjoy.

He walks quite slowly.

3. We can use quite with absolute adjectives (empty, full, dead) and strong adjectives (amazing, wonderful).

The bucket is quite full.
The film was quite wonderful.
4. The adverb ‘fairly’ goes with ‘good’ adjectives and adverbs (good, nice, well).

-What’s his English like?
-It’s fairly good.

5. We use much and far with comparatives and superlatives to say ‘to what degree’.

Jane is much better today.

6. We use a lot, any with comparatives.

Is it any better?