Условие задания:

6 Б.
Read the text "Robots of the future".
What role will robots play in people's future? Scientists think it's highly likely that robots will affect our lives in different ways. People are already using robots and artificial intelligence as workforce, but is it possible that robots will become human’s friends and helpers?  Artificial technologies are used in education nowadays. A human teacher often can’t meet the needs of many students, but it can use help from a special robot and make the learning process easier and more comfortable.
Some developers believe that robots will become a part of our lives and homes and helpers for seniors and people with illnesses. There are even robotic pets like Tekno the puppy or Pleo the dinosaur.
Scientist all over the world are working on the new generation of robots – humanoids that will look and act like humans. Their eyes can move and blink, their artificial muscles can change the facial expression and they can move around just like people do.
The next step is to try and develop robots that can feel and express feelings, but for now it’s clear that AI can’t experience emotions.
Choose true, false, doesn't say:
1.  Robots will cost a lot of money in the future.
2.  Robots of the new generation look and act like humans.
3.  Children will take robots to school.