Study the information about to, for, so that.
1. To is used for saying why somebody does something.

My friend called me to invite me to a party.

To is also used for saying why something exists.

This wall is to keep people out of the garden.

2. To is used to say what can be done or must be done with something.

It is hard to find a place to park here.

I need something to open this container with.

Chance, money, time, opportunity, energy, courage to do something.
Do you have much opportunity to practice French?

3. For + noun

Let’s go for a swim.

To + verb

Let’s go to the swimming pool to have a swim.

Use for -ing/to when you talk about the general purpose of something, or what it is generally used for.
4. So that is used in the meaning of ‘purpose’.

She hurried so that she would not be late.

She is learning English so that she can study in London.