Study the information about ‘need’ and ‘dare’.
1. We use need as a modal mainly in the negative to mean ‘it isn’t necessary’.
I needn’t go to the meeting today.
I needn’t have visited this place yesterday.
2. In positive sentences, we use need as a modal.
Need you have told her the truth?
3. We use the full verb need to ( like any regular verb).

I need to check these tests.
4. We use dare as a modal in the negative to express lack of courage.
I daren’t ask for money.
5. We can use questions with do/does/did.

Do you dare tell him?

6. We can use dare to as a full verb.

Do you dare to tell him?

7. We can use dare when we express courage, lack of courage, challenge, outrage.

How dare you read my notes!

I dare you to jump off that wall.