Условие задания:

7 Б.
Read the text "My weekend' and rewrite it using the past tenses.
My weekend.
I like to go to school during the week as I get to know something new every day. But most of all I like weekends. I do not have to get up early in the morning. I can stay in bed longer. During the weekend I can do everything I want. But this doesn’t mean that I do nothing at all.
Usually I read books and listen to my favorite singers. I meet with my friend and we walk along my town and fancy funny stories about people around us. Sometimes when the weather is good, I take a ride on my bicycle to the nearest park. I enjoy being on the fresh air as much as possible. Some of my friends go to the countryside every weekend. It is some kind of a family tradition for them.
The whole the weekend is the greatest time when all my family gathers together. I have an opportunity to spend more time with my father. He likes to play different active games with me. At the end of the weekend we have traditional weekend dinner when my mother cooks something delicious. We sit at the dinner table making jokes and planning our next week. It is the magical moment that gives me an inspiration for the future week.