Study the information about phrasal verbs + away/back.
1. Away = away from home

Away = away from a place

Back = back home

Back = back to a place, a person

You can also say walk away, run away, look away.

Go back, come back, get back.
The woman got into her car and drove away.

I have still got Jane’s keys. I forgot to give them back to her.
2. Get away = escape, leave with difficulty

Get away with something = do something wrong without being caught

Keep away = don’t go near

Give something away = give it to somebody else because you don’t want it any more

Put something away = put it in the place where it is kept, usually out of sight

Throw something away = put it in the rubbish
I kept the letter, but I threw away the envelope.

I parked in a no-parking zone, but I got away with it.
  3. Wave back, smile back, shout back

Call/phone/ring back = return a phone call

Get back to = reply to them by phone

Look back on something = think about what happened in the past

Pay back money, pay somebody back.
I sent him an email, but he never got back to me.
I waved to her and she waved back.