Study the information about phrasal verbs. On and off. Part 2.
1. Verb + on = continue doing something
Drive on/walk on/play on = continue walking/driving/playing
Go on = continue

Keep on doing something
She keeps on criticizing me. I’m fed up with it!
The party went on until 4 o’clock in the morning.
2. Get on = progress

Get on with somebody= have a good relationship

Get on with something= continue doing something you have to do, usually after an interruption.
I must get on with my work. I have a lot to do.
3. Verb + off

Doze off, drop off, nod off = fall asleep

Finish something off = do the last part of something

Go off = explode or ring (an alarm)

Put somebody off doing smth.= cause somebody not to want something or to do something

Rip somebody off = cheat somebody

Show off = demonstrate

Tell somebody off = speak angrily if the person did something wrong
The lecture was not so interesting. In fact I dropped off in the middle of it.

Look at the boy on a new bike. He’s just showing off.

Kate’s mother told her off for wearing dirty shoes in the flat.