Study the information about phrasal verbs. Some important moments and examples.
We use the verbs with the following words:

In, out, on, off, up, down, away, back, round, through, about, along, over, forward, by

1. We use on, off, out  with verbs of movement.

get on, drive off, come back, turn round
2. But on, off, out can give a special meaning to the verb.

Break down = stopped working

Look out = be careful

Take off = go into the air

Get on = how do you do?

Get by = manage
Look out! There’s a car coming.
3. A phrasal verb is followed by a preposition.

Run away from

Keep up with

Look up at

Look forward to
We looked up at the plane as it flew above us.
4. A phrasal verb can have an object.

I turned on the light.

I turned the light on
But if the object is a pronoun, use only one position.
I turned it on.
Don’t wake up the baby.