Study the list of phrasal verbs. Part 1
abide by - to respect or obey a decision, a law or a rule;

account for - to explain, give a reason;

add up - to make sense, seem reasonable;

advise against - to recommend not doing something;

agree with - to have the same opinion as someone else;

allow for - to take into consideration;

appeal to - to plead or make a request, to be attractive or interesting;

apply for - to make a formal request for something (job, permit, loan etc.);

back away - to move backwards, in fear or dislike;

back down - to withdraw, concede defeat;

back up - to give support or encouragement, to make a copy of (file, program, etc.);

bank on - to base your hopes on something / someone;

black out - to faint, lose consciousness;

block off - to separate using a barrier;

blow up - to explode, to get angry;

break into - to enter by force;

break out - to start suddenly;

break out of - to escape from a place by force;

break up - to come to an end (marriage, relationship);

bring up - to raise (a child);

brush up on - to improve, refresh one’s knowledge of something.

He appealed to the court to change its decision.

A vacation of sunbathing doesn’t appeal to me.

Tommy blew up the red balloon.

I’m banking on you to help with the charity event.

You need to boot up your computer before you begin to work.