The list of phrasal verbs. Part 5.

set up - to start a business;

shop around - to compare prices;

show up - to appear/arrive;

shut up (impolite) - to be silent, stop talking;

sit down - to take a seat;

stick up for - to defend;

take care of - to look after;

take off - to leave the ground;

take on - to hire or engage staff;

take out - to remove; extract;

tell off - to criticize severely;

think over - to consider;

try on - to wear something to see if it suits or fits;

turn down - to refuse;

use up - to finish a product (so that there’s none left);

watch out - to be careful;

wear out - to become unusable;

wipe off - to clean (board, table). 
I’ll wash up if you wipe off the table.

Don’t buy that. Let’s shop around and see if we can find something cheaper.

They set up their own company when they were still in high school.

My big brother always stuck up for me when I got into a fight.

Go ahead, try it on and see if it fits?