Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the text and write the correct prepositions into the extracts from the conversation.
Abidemi talks about her favorite teachers and what made him special.
1. Abidemi: Sure. I think I’ve had many, many great teachers. I’ve been really blessed in that way. Thinking back now, I remember my teacher when I was in primary 6 in Nigeria, actually. His name was Mr. Oleaer. And this teacher was a math and science teacher. And I think the best thing about him was he really took a personal interest    all of us.
2. Abidebi: I model myself after him. Maybe not even consciously, but I liked the fact that he was a teacher and we knew it but   the same time, he was very friendly. So I really love that aspect of him.
3. Jeremy: But teachers that recognized I had a real serious shy problem, and that they would just give a little bit    encouragement.