Study the information about the prepositions on, at, by, with, about.
Remember some important moments when you should use different prepositions.
1. Phrases with on:
On time
On fire
On holiday
On the phone
On the radio

I spoke to Sam on the phone yesterday.
2. At - we use it when we talk about age, kilometres, degrees.

Water boils at 10 degrees Celsius.
3. We use by when we talk about transport, with passive voice, and when we talk about things that are connected with a person.
But! We should say 'on foot'

She goes to work by car.
This painting is by Picasso.
He was bitten by a snake.
4. With and without

With is used to say that people or things are in a place together or are doing something together.

Do you want to stay at the hotel with friends?

About – we use with these verbs
Talk, speak, think, hear, know
I know a lot about England.