Present Continuous
It is important to remember that the present continuous tense is generally used to express something happening at the moment of speaking. It is not used to express everyday habits and routines. Everyday habits and routines are expressed using the present simple tense.
for something that is happening at the moment of speaking:Please be quiet. The kids are sleeping.shutterstock_1353090191.jpg
for something that is happening before and after a given time:When Anna gets home the kids are doing their homework.shutterstock_209241532.jpg
for something which we think is temporary:I’m working in Paris for the next two weeks.shutterstock_111362132.jpg
for something which is new and contrasts with a previous state:These days most people are using short messages instead of writing e-mails.shutterstock_1043820169.jpg
to show that something is changing, growing or developing:The kids are growing quickly.shutterstock_735971812.jpg
for something which happens again and again:We are always arguing.shutterstock_1012943446.jpg
for something which has been arranged or planned:Anna is going to a new school next term.shutterstock_191276132.jpg
to talk about the past when telling a story or summarising the story from a book, film or play etc.Little Red Riding Hood is visiting her grandmother.shutterstock_111679394.jpg