Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the dialogue "Island Dangers". Cheryl talks with Nick about a few dangerous things people should be aware of on her island. Write the pronouns that you hear.
1. Cheryl: We joke that Guam’s highest mountain, Mt. Lan Lan is actually the highest mountain in the world if you count off from   base which is in the Marianas trench, the lowest part of the world.
2. Nick: Wow, that’s amazing! So there must be good diving if  talk about barrier reefs.
3. Cheryl: Well, actually that’s funny you should ask, there has been a recent article about a guy in Guam, a very young guy who was scuba diving, and   got stung by a lion fish, but that is the extent of the dangerous animals of Guam. You’d have to go out into the deep sea to find more dangerous animals.