Study the information about some, any or zero in relation to quantity.
Some and any can be used when we talk about quantity and use countable, uncountable nouns.
Are there any presents for the children?

Here are some toys for the children.
Sometimes we can omit any, some. The meaning is the same, though we prefer to use any or some.

Are there presents or the children?
In the same way we don’t use any and some when we refer to quantity.

Is there any milk in the fridge?

Is there milk in the fridge?
When we have general statements, we can use zero.

Beans are good for your health.
Some can be used in:

- affirmatives

I need some tips.
- questions +’yes’   

Do you want some coffee?

- requests

Can I have some tea?

- certain (use any)

Some people believe anything.
Any can be used:

- negatives

I don’t want any apples.
- uncertain questions

Is there any…?

- with hardly

There’s hardly any ink.

- with at all

I have not any idea at all.
We can use no instead of not any.
There are not any flights to Madrid today.

There are no flights to Madrid today

We can use no in place of not a/an.
I am no expert.
None is used as a pronoun.
We have no bananas. We have none.