Study more aspect of using neither/neither of, either/either of, both/both of.
1. We can use both/neither/either for two things. Use these words with a noun.

Neither café is expensive.

We can go to either café. I don’t mind.
2. We should use both of/neither of/either of + the/these/my/smb.’s.

Both of these restaurants are very good.

Neither of the restaurants we went was (were) expensive.
3. You can use both of/neither of/either of + us/you/them.

I asked two people the way to the station, but neither of them could help me.
You must use both of before us/you/them.

Both of us were very tired.
4. You should use a singular or plural verb after neither of.

Neither of the children wants (want) to go to bed.
5. You can say:

Neither …..nor
Either ….or
I was both hungry and angry when I came home.
Neither Sam nor Kate came to the party.
She’s either Spanish or Portuguese.