Study the information about both and all.
1. We use both and both the when we talk about two particular things or people.
Both children are in bed.

Both the children are in bed.
2. We use all + noun when we talk about things in general.

All pupils like to play sports.

3. All the can be used when we talk about particular people and things.

All the tips you gave me were useful.
4. Both and all are used in affirmative sentences.


- after to be when it is the only verb in a sentence.
- after auxiliaries
- before the main verb when there is only one verb.
The students can both speak English.

The boys are both ready for the game.

The committee should all have resigned.
The negative of All the - None of the
The negative of Both the - Neither of the
Neither of the girls left early.

None of the girls let early.