Study the information about ‘another’, ‘other’, ‘others’ .
1. Another is not connected with anything in particular. It means:

- Different
- Additional

You can come another day.

We need another day to finish this.
2. We can contrast some and other(s) when we talk about things in general.

Some holidays are cheap and other holidays are expensive.
Рис. \(1\). Beach holidays

Some computers are modern and others are old.
Рис. \(2\). Computer
3. We can contrast one with the other or the others when we talk about particular things.

This one is mine and the other one is yours.

4. We can use the other(s) to refer to people as well:

Jake went swimming and the other boy/ the other boys went with him.
Рис. \(3\). Swimming

5. The phrase ‘the other day’ can mean ‘ a few days ago’.

I met your father in the street the other day.