Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the dialogue "Captivity". Todd and Paul discuss animals living in captivity rather than in the wild.
Write the words, relative clauses that you will hear.
1. Paul: I mean, I think it's obviously like a special opportunity. It doesn't come around that often to get so close to these tigers. I mean, my main concern would be that whether the tigers are taken care of and how much we should meddle with nature,   should just allow that kind of animal kingdom to run its course, or we should interfere in that and, you know, put these animals in captivity so that we can touch them, just for our own kind of curiosity. I wonder whether it's a price, you know, I mean, whether it's something we should do morally.
2. Paul: I don't   I'd feel about keeping animals in captivity just for kind of human enjoyment.
3. Paul: All of the bats that were held in captivity were actually bats   rescued.