Условие задания:

4,5 Б.
Listen to the dialogue "Encroachment". Adria and Shiloh talk about how animals and humans must live side-by-side.
Write the words and relative clauses that you will hear.
1. But we have to figure out a way to fix it, because it is a problem and people still do get hurt, especially with mountain lions,   a big deal.
2. Where I live, we have brown bears, and they're a little less aggressive. But I still am familiar with one of my friends (he's not really a friend but an acquaintance)   , and it was partly his mistake because he had food inside his tent with him, instead of like in an ice chest outside close.
3. The bear came through the tent and, while   to grab the food, accidentally grabbed my friend's arm, and he had a huge gash on his arm. He had to have two surgeries to fix it, lots of stitches. It was a mess.