Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text “The art of speaking”.
Рис. \(1\). Public speaking
The art of public speaking originated in ancient Greece and has existed ever since. That's probably the art we all need — everyone deals with the problem of effective communication. The art of speaking is vital for a number of jobs and professions, such as teachers, doctors, psychologists, priests and many more.
In order to have an effective communication you should follow the rules:
\(1\). don't interrupt or talk over the other person. People should participate in a dialogue equally;
\(2\). impose a communicative goal to reach;
\(3\). don’t sound dull and monotonous, put some emotions into your speech;
\(4\). be honest and sincere;
\(5\). don’t hesitate to use body language;
\(6\). smile. A sincere smile wins people's favour.
Public speaking is a lot about persuasion. The key to being persuasive is appreciation (but not flattery). Flattery is insincere and has hidden intent. People usually feel when a speaker wants something from them and not really interested in communication. Be ready to defend your point of view, but don’t be aggressive about it. Remember that truth isn’t really sprout in discussion.
And one more useful thing to remember. People want to be happy, and they seek kindness and affection. So be kind and understanding, and what is important, listen carefully. Nothing offends people more than indifference in conversation.
Write true or false:
1. The art of public speaking originated in ancient Rome.
2. Don't smile wen you talk to people.
3. The writer says that flattery isn't good for communication.
Рис. 1. Public speaking. Pixabay License CC0. Free for commercial use No attribution required. https://pixabay.com/images/id-4610564/ (Дата обращения 11.10.2021)