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3 Б.
Read the text "Making introductions".
Nowadays people seem to be taking a more casual approach to etiquette than in previous times. However, it is valuable to know the basic tenets of etiquette so that you know what to do in business and social settings.
Introductions are one of the things we do frequently in our work and daily life. There are a few key rules to ensure you conduct according to the traditions of etiquette. There are occasions in which you need to introduce yourself.

To introduce yourself extend your hand and say, “Hello, I am Jack Brown.”

When you are introduced to someone, you should always stand and shake hands and make eye contact. Not shaking hands could be perceived as a sign of rejection and could be very insulting to the other person. If you are wearing gloves, you should remove them before shaking.

Some of the situations in which you should shake hands:

• when meeting a person for the first time or when saying goodbye;
• when renewing acquaintances;
• when greeting a host or hostess or being introduced to someone;
• when ending a transaction or leaving a business or social event.

There are certain rules of shaking hands:
• a woman offers to shake hands with a man;
• an older person extends his or her hand first to a younger one;
• a “more important” person offers to shake hands with a “less important” person.

A woman does not rise to shake hands with anyone, unless that person is much older or very prominent.
A man should stand when shaking hands with someone. He should also rise when a woman comes into a room for the first time and remain standing until she is seated.

In social situations a man is traditionally introduced to a woman. However, in the business world introductions are based on a person’s rank or position in a company. The highest ranking person is introduced to everyone else in order of his or her position. The only exception to these traditions is when you are dealing with a client. In this case the client should be introduced first. Use a friendly relaxed manner when introducing people. Remember to smile.

If name tags are worn, they should be placed on the right shoulder. The reason for this is that most people are right-handed and when people shake hands, using their right hand, their eyes can best see the name tag and the name of the person.

When you are given a business card, take the time to read it. Don’t simply slip it into your pocket. Say the name of the person out loudly to check that you have the correct pronunciation. If you aren’t sure how to pronounce it, ask the person to pronounce it for you.
Choose true or false:
1. The writer says that introductions are one of the things we do frequently in our work.
2. A woman does not rise to shake hands with anyone, unless that person is much older or very prominent.
3. The writer says not to simply slip the business card into your pocket. 
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