Study the vocabulary about communication in our life.
Occur - (especially of accidents and other unexpected events) to happen;
Intimate - having, or being likely to cause, a very close friendship or personal relationship;
Frequent - happening often;
Involve - to include someone in something, or to make them take part in or feel part of it;
Reciprocal - involving two people or groups of people who behave in the same way or agree to help each other and give each other advantages;
Nod - to move your head down and then up, sometimes several times, especially to show agreement, approval, or greeting, or to show something by doing this;
Intonation - the sound changes produced by the rise and fall of the voice when speaking, especially when this has an effect on the meaning of what is said;
Tempo - the speed at which an event happens;
Pause - a short period in which something such as a sound or an activity is stopped before starting again;
Boundary - a real or imagined line that marks the edge or limit of something;
Pattern - a particular way in which something is done, is organized, or happens.

The diary revealed several intimate details about his private life.

It would be difficult not to involve the child's father in the arrangements.

Many people in the audience nodded in agreement.

The end of a sentence that is not a question is usually marked by falling intonation.