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3 Б.
Read the text about Great Britain.
Рис. \(1\). The UK  

The UK is a comparatively small country surrounded by the ocean. The English Channel and The Strait of Dover separate the archipelago from continental Europe. The Angles gave name to the country — England. The Angles were one of the Germanic tribes settled on the island. They called the Celtic Britons, the indigenous people of the island, the word that later evolved into the name of the land — Wales. Also there lived Gaels, known to the Romans as Scoti, and they gave Scotland its name. The etymology of the word Ireland is different. It didn't come from the name of a tribe. It derives from the name of an Irish goddess. 


The landscape of Britain varies. There are thick forests, lakes, plains, mountains, and rivers.

The Gulf Stream is the reason that the British climate is so mild and humid. Scotland is famous for its lakes. The most well-known around the world is probably Loch Ness. It's not the only lake in the area, but Loch Ness alone is believed to be the place where a huge monster lives. Rumors about the creature have been there since the middle of the VI century, but nobody has found any solid proof of its existence. Still, some people believe that the mythical monster lives somewhere underwater in Loch Ness.


The northern part of the country is quite mountainous. A lot of famous painters have been inspired by the hills and mountains of this land. About one tenth of the territory is covered with forests. Ancient Celts worshipped forests, especially leafwoods, and many trees were sacred, for example, oaks. Unfortunately, during the Norman conquest almost all forests on the island were logged. Now the woods in Britain are mostly mingled.


The fauna of the country is rich and diverse. Foxes, hedgehogs, deer, wild boars, hundreds of bird and fish species, let alone numerous insects.


The nature of Britain is beautiful and the landscapes are stunning. Also Britain is called the kingdom of gardens and it's for a reason — there are really plenty of amazing gardens like Biddulph Grange Garden in Staffordshire, Tresco Abbey Gardens, Fountains Abbey and many more. 


Write the correct words into the gaps:
1. There are  , lakes, plains, mountains, and rivers.
2. It's not the only lake in the area, but Loch Ness alone is  where a huge monster lives.
3. Unfortunately, during the Norman conquest almost all forests on the island  .
Рис. 1. The UK. Pixabay License CC0. https://pixabay.com/images/id-36481/ (Дата обращения 8.10.2021)