Условие задания:

6 Б.
Read the text and choose true or false.
Education in the USA.
Children in the USA study at school for twelve years — from \(6\) till \(16\) or \(18\) (depending on the state). School education is mandatory.

Children start their school year in autumn, usually in September, sometimes October and finish in June. Unlike Russia, there are three part of the school year, three trimesters. There are \(160\)-\(180\) school days a year, but it can be different in different states. American students usually have a fall break in October, a winter break in February and a spring break in April, following summer holidays that last about \(10\) weeks.

The USA has K-\(12\) education system (from kindergarten to the twelth grade). It’s divided into three parts: elementary, middle and high school. Young kids in preschool are prepared for their first grade.

Elementary education is also called primary education. It focuses on basic academic learning and socialization skills — something children will further in secondary school. There are such subjects as arithmetic, English, social studies, art, basics of science, music and physical education.

Middle school (also called junior high school) includes grades from \(7\) to \(9\). Students take English, Maths, Science, History and a foreign language, often Spanish or French.

High school spans grades from \(10\) to \(12\). Students in the \(11\)th grade are sometimes called juniors and students in their last grade are seniors. In high school students can take advanced subjects and elective classes, if they want to.

After passing the exams students can choose to go to college or university or start working. Getting bachelor’s degree takes \(4\) years and master’s degree — \(2\) years.
Choose true or false:
1.  A school year starts in September or in October.
2.  American students are never taught Spanish.
3.  Getting bachelor’s degree takes \(3\) years.