Условие задания:

6 Б.
Read the text and choose the right variant.

Cultural Life of Youth.
Рис. \(1\). Young people

Sociologists once made a survey about ways young people spend their free time and their favourite pastimes. The results are as follows: music, dancing, café are at the top of the leisure hierarchy, with surfing the Internet and reading also mentioned. Movies, exhibitions and TV come last. The questionnaire was completed by young people aged from \(14\) to \(23\) and has shown that socialising with friends goes before arts.
Most youngsters say that they do not exactly plan they pastime. According to the survey, preferences of teenagers and young adults are watching TV and browsing the Internet followed by dancing and listening to music, and arts as theatre and shows are the last in the list.
Young people seem to be showing more and more keen interest in culture. Although they still like sheer entertainment like TV shows, their cultural standards have grown and let them distinguish true pieces of art from fakes.
Music is very important in youngsters' lives. Rock music is known for its self-expression and sincere messages and is more popular among young people than classical music. Bands who write their own music have large audience. Teenagers and young adults are getting more keen on free-time activities which inspire personal growth and creativity.
Choose true or false:
1.  Music, dancing, café come third.
2.  They never go to the concerts, museums, and theatre.
3.  Bands who write their own music have small audience.
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