To speak about vegetables, you need the appropriate vocabulary.
Artichoke - a round, green vegetable with thick, pointed leaves covering the outside;

Aubergine - an oval, purple vegetable that is white inside;

Green peas - a small, round, green seed that people eat as a vegetable;

Cabbage - a large, round vegetable that consists of a lot of thick leaves;

Cauliflower - a large, round, white vegetable with thick, green leaves around the outside;

Brussels sprouts - a green vegetable like very small cabbages;

Kelp - a large, brown plant that grows in the sea, used in some foods and medicines;

Onion - a round vegetable with layers that has a strong taste and smell;

Cucumber - a long, green vegetable that you eat raw in salads;

Tomato - a soft, round, red fruit eaten in salad or as a vegetable;

Beans - a seed case of some climbing plants that is eaten as a vegetable.

She grows cucumbers in her garden.

Sam doesn’t eat onions.

Shall I add Brussels sprouts in this salad?

It is popular to eat kelp.