To speak about eating habits, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 1
To be full up - to eat to the point that you can no longer eat any more;

To be starving hungry - an exaggerated way of saying you are very hungry;

To bolt something down - to eat something very quickly;

To be dying of hunger - an exaggerated way of saying you are hungry;

To eat a balanced diet - to eat the correct types and amounts of food;

To eat like a horse - to eat a lot;

To follow a recipe - to cook a meal using instructions;

To foot the bill - to pay the bill;

A fussy eater - somebody who has their own very high standards about what to eat;

To grab a bite to eat - to eat something quickly (when you’re in a rush);

To have a sweet tooth - to enjoy sugary food;

Home-cooked food - food cooked at home from individual ingredients.

She loves home-cooked food.

If you want a wonderful dish, you should follow the recipe.

Look! He is so hungry. He is eating like a horse.