To speak about leisure, you need to know the appropriate vocabulary.
Fishing - the sport or job of catching fish.

Cooking - preparing food.

Walking - to move forward by putting one foot in front of the other and then repeating the action.

Reading - the activity or skill of studying books.

Pottery - the activity of making plates, bowls, etc. from clay.

Carpentry - making and repairing wooden objects.

Swimming - to move through water by moving your body.

Painting - the activity of painting pictures or painting surfaces.

Photography - the activity or job of taking photographs.

Yoga - a set of exercises for the mind and body, based on the Hindu religion.

Riding - the sport or activity with horses.

Mountain climbing - the sport of climbing somewhere.

Water-skiing - a sport in which someone is pulled behind a boat while standing on skis (= long, narrow pieces of wood or plastic fastened to the feet).

Dressmaking - someone who makes women's clothes, especially as a job.
Dad loves to go fishing.

We walked twenty miles in all.

She does yoga three times a week.