Условие задания:

4 Б.
Read the text about friendship.
Friendship is a mutual affection between two or more people, a feeling that forms strong bonds between friends who share common beliefs and values. Sometimes it’s difficult to find a true friend, because for some people it’s hard to confide in another person.
Friendship is good for our mental and physical health. As for the first one, friendship makes people happier and gives them a sense of belonging. People who have good friends less suffer from self-esteem and confidence issues. True friends inspire and keep each other out of trouble.
Also social support affects our physical health. Having the opportunity to trust and confide in a friend reduces stress and helps to cope with traumas. Psychologists have undertook a study ant it showed that having strong bond with another person (or people) reduces the risk of developing severe health issues like heart diseases and depression.

I’m lucky to have good friends. They make my life better and I hope I make their lives happier too. I value them very much. True friendship is when your friend trusts you, believes in you and is there for you. A good friend is loyal and reliable.

It takes effort to be a true friend, to accept a person with all his or her positive or negative personal characteristics. I think it’s nearly impossible to have more than one or two close friends. As for me, I have only one best friend. Her name is Annie and we’ve been thick as thieves since kindergarten. I don’t really remember how we met, but she has been an important part of my life ever since.
People often grow apart as they grow older, but we haven’t. We are still as close as we were in our childhood, we’re almost sisters. It’s great to have a person who you can rely on, with whom you can share your thoughs, dreams, fears, hopes and ideas. Annie and I always share our grieves and successes, and the second is, probably, is more important than the first. The best friend will always be happy for you and won’t get jealous if you succeed.
So, it's often hard to keep a friendship the same over the years — impossible, even, because people change. This distance between friends can be because a person develops some new interests or some life events happen and prevent him or her from being fully invested into old friendship. It's normal. The important thing is not to lose touch and keep supporting each other. It this case your friendship will grow stronger with years.
Write only one word into each sentence.
1. Friendship is a mutual .
2. People often grow apart as they grow  , but we haven’t.
3. Annie and I always  .