Условие задания:

3 Б.
Read the text about an ideal family.
Ideal family
Everyone needs a place where one can share their problems, feel safe and happy. For me it's my home — the place where I'm surrounded by my loving family, where I can relax and feel comfortable.
My family is my parents and my sister. We live in a lovely house with a small beautiful
garden. My Dad is 47, he's very clever and hardworking — the one who brings home the bacon. He's very handy around the house and he can fix anything! My Mum is 45, she's smart, kind and self-sacrificing. She loves and cares about us very much.

My Mum and Dad have been together for 25 years now and they are inseparable. They are true soulmates who have lot in common, but they have different tastes in music and different hobbies. For example, Mum loves gardening and Dad likes ice hockey. But they have the same values in life and the same views on raising the children. My sister is 10, she a lovely girl, though sometimes we quarrel a lot. Being the older brother isn't easy!
I love time that we spend together — our family dinners, having tea and chatting about everything. But now and then I have problems with my Mum and Dad — they don't understand my tastes in clothes or music... I think that's a common teenage problem.
Write only the words or phrases into each sentence.
1. His dad is very handy .
2. His father likes ice .
3. His parents have the same values in life and the same views on .