To describe houses, you should know the proper vocabulary. Here is the vocabulary connected with it.
Brick-built - made out of bricks
Carpeted - a room or area has carpet on the floor
Covered - provided with a roof
Darkened - a room or building because there are no lights on inside
Furnished - a house or a flat with furniture already in it
Modest - a modest building is not large or expensive
Redbrick - made of red-coloured bricks
Spacious - a room, building etc has a lot of space inside it
Timbered - a timbered building has outside walls made completely or partly of wood
Well-appointed - a room or house has attractive or expensive decoration and furniture
I like my spacious bedroom.
It is very important for us to buy a furnished house. We have no time on shopping.
My friend’s room was really well-appointed. We loved staying at his room.