To speak about professions, you need the appropriate vocabulary. Part 3
Hunter/huntsman - a person who hunts wild animals;

Legislator - a member of a group of people who together have the power to make laws;

Mechanic - someone whose job is to repair machines;

Miner - someone who works in a mine;

Nurse - someone whose job is to care for ill and injured people;

Optician - someone whose job is to make eye glasses;

Painter - someone whose job is to paint surfaces, such as walls and doors;

Pharmacist - someone who is trained to prepare or sell medicines;

Pilot - someone who flies an aircraft;

Plumber - someone whose job is to repair or connect water pipes and things like toilets and baths;

Police officer/policeman/policewoman - someone who is a member of the police;

Scientist - someone who studies science or works in science;

Roofer - a person whose job is to put new roofs on buildings or to repair damaged roofs.


I need a nurse for my old granny.

Who is the legislator?

Pilots have to know English for international flights.